Our B&B is located in a very stategic place, not far from the sea and  the mountains, near numerous places of historical, cultural and natural interest, just around the corner of the Langhe hilly area, famous for wines and truffles.


- Vicoforte and its sanctuary, built by Savoia family, with the largest elliptical dome in Europe, a place of pilgrimage and a center of worship and devotion to Our Lady Regina Montis Regalis 
- Ski resort Ski Mondolé (Prato Nevoso, Artesina, Frabosa), with Lurisia Thermae, San Giacomo di Roburent
- Bossea, famous for caves and concerts 
- The Valley Pesio with the ancient Certosa and its walks 
- The Valcasotto with the great Royal Castle
- Bastia, where you can admire the Church of San Fiorenzo with its splendid frescoes
- Mondovi with the funicular and the Belvedere, from where the view extends from the Alps to the sea through the hills of the Langhe, with the international ballon meeting and its outlet Mondovicino Village
Farther: Turin, Cuneo and its valleys, Dawn and the Riviera.